Saving Energy in Your Tucson, AZ Home During the Holidays

by | Dec 15, 2018 | HVAC Blog

The holidays are a wonderful time to enjoy the company of loved ones and cherished traditions. There are many ways Tuscon, Arizona, homeowners can still enjoy the fun and beauty of the holidays while staying energy efficient without sacrificing comfort or tradition. Here are our top three tips for saving energy during the holidays.

Change Thermostat Settings

Planning on hosting your family or loved ones for the holidays? Their comfort is important, but that doesn’t mean going overboard with your climate control system. Tuscon, AZ, doesn’t have bitterly cold winters, but it can get pretty chilly. While it’s a good idea to use some heat when your guests arrive, you don’t need to set the temperature high. With more people in your home, the added body heat can actually raise the overall indoor temperature. In addition, it’s a good idea to change your HVAC filter before guests arrive to ensure clean air.

Use Alternative Lighting

Decorative lights are a common holiday tradition. Unfortunately, many decorative lighting displays can be major energy drains. When looking for holiday decorations, consider using LED lights instead of traditional versions. These ultra-efficient decorations can help reduce your utility bills during the holidays. They also run cooler than traditional lights, lowering the chance of accidents. You may want to consider a timer to ensure they aren’t running longer than they need to.

Switch Up Cooking Habits

When cooking in the kitchen, there are a few ways you can practice saving energy. Don’t open the oven frequently. Instead, use your oven light to check visually and only open the door when necessary. Use energy-friendly appliances like microwaves and toaster ovens for smaller dishes instead of the oven. Try to do full loads of dishes instead of multiple small sets. If you’re noticing a lot of steam buildup while cooking, be sure to ventilate thoroughly to avoid a humid home.

If you want to get your HVAC system checked out before the holiday season to ensure everything is in good working order, the experts at Oasis Air Conditioning & Heating will be happy to help. Give us a call at (520) 648-1755 today!

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