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Indoor Air Quality

Your home may be your castle, but it could also be full of filthy air. The Environmental Protection Agency says that indoor air is often much dirtier than the air outside. This presents long-term health problems in addition to the immediate respiratory symptoms that already affect a growing number of people.

The Oasis Air Conditioning & Heating team is a Trane Comfort Specialist dealer and has undergone special training to identify and resolve problems with indoor air quality. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

Concerns About Indoor Air Quality

From a sore throat and coughing to heart attacks and cancers, air pollution has been implicated in many health issues. Contaminants can be dust, pollen, pet dander, or viruses. You could also have particulates in the air from cooking, using personal hygiene products such as perfumes or spraying household cleaning and air freshening products. Off-gassing from new furniture or carpet can also taint the air. While you can make lifestyle choices to reduce this contamination, it may not solve the whole problem.

Options for Better Indoor Air

Oasis Air Conditioning & Heating recommends taking a whole-house approach to improving the air quality in your home. We will conduct an air quality audit to find opportunities for improvement. For example, the ductwork in your home could be damaged, allowing dirt and debris to get inside and conditioned air to leak out. Or your home might benefit from a humidifier to keep the air from getting too dry in winter.

Our specialist takes the time to understand your concerns, answer your questions, and find out what measures you are already taking to improve the air. If you are in the process of upgrading your HVAC system, there are air cleaners, air purification products, air humidifiers, and ventilators that can be integrated with the equipment for a seamless solution. It’s your home – make it your

Breathe Easier with Oasis Air Conditioning & Heating

Oasis Air Conditioning & Heating’s air quality specialists are just a phone call away. In the local area, no other HVAC company is more dedicated to your comfort and care. Satisfying the needs of our customers is the foundation of our reputation.

Our NATE-certified service technicians are required to be friendly, polite, prompt and efficient. When you’re ready for a breath of fresh air, Oasis Air Conditioning & Heating is ready to get to work. Our service areas include Rio Rico, Tumacacori-Carmen, Tubac, Amado, Green Valley, Tucson, AZ and the surrounding areas.

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