Ductless AC


Ductless AC

Skip the ductwork and start getting more use out of your space with a ductless mini split system. These little units are quiet, efficient and flexible, making them perfect for a variety of residential and light commercial situations. Oasis Air Conditioning & Heating is a Trane Comfort Specialist dealer. We’re specially trained to advise you on the best options for your building and to properly install and maintain the ductless equipment. In the local area, no one is more committed to your satisfaction.

Is Ductless AC Right for You

You should consider a ductless air conditioner for construction and remodeling projects that would require adding or extending a central HVAC system. The blower unit mounts high the wall, requiring just one small hole for the connections to the outside condensing unit. Check out ductless for:

  • Older buildings with no existing ductwork
  • Buildings with damaged ducting that needs to be replaced
  • Converted spaces such as attics, garages and enclosed porches
  • Add-on projects, including a new bedroom, master suite or family room
  • Detached living space such as a guest house, home office and workshop
  • Small commercial offices and production areas

Benefits of Going Ductless

When you go ductless, you gain better temperature control in a single room or in multiple rooms with zoned coverage. You have the option to control the unit with a remote or an app. The wall-mounted units are whisper-quiet, and the outdoor units are comparable to the sound level of a refrigerator.

Choosing a mini split AC could drop your energy costs by about a third since there is much less energy loss in the operation of the unit. Ductless systems are also available with excellent allergen filtration. The filters are reusable and should be washed about once a month.

Try a Ductless Solution from Oasis Air Conditioning & Heating


You deserve an affordable, efficient way to be able to comfortably use your real estate in all kinds of weather. Adding a customized, ductless climate control system could be the right solution for your building and your budget. In the local area, Oasis Air Conditioning & Heating is the service leader for ductless heating and cooling.

Our NATE-certified technicians will check out your property and help you weigh the costs and benefits of traditional central air conditioning versus a mini split air conditioner. Contact Oasis Air Conditioning & Heating for information on going ductless. It’s time for you to be more comfortable in your space.

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