Benefits of a Wine Cellar Cooling System in Tubac, AZ

by | Dec 11, 2021 | HVAC Blog

A wine cellar cooling system maintains the ideal temperature for aging your wine in Tubac, AZ. Here are three benefits of a wine cellar cooling system.

1. Maintain Constant Temperature

Your basement may be cool, but due to seasonal changes, its temperature and humidity level aren’t constant. Wine ages best in static temperature and humidity.

Bottled wine needs to settle without any fluctuations and away from harsh temperatures, sunlight and vibrations. A cooler keeps the temperature and humidity in the cellar constant, preventing minor fluctuations that can alter the taste of wine, especially over the course of many years.

The ideal temperature ranges from 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the type of wine. Ideal relative humidity is around 60%.

2. Maintain the Wine’s Flavors

The aging process enhances the flavor and body of the wine. It allows the natural ingredients to shine through for the best taste. If you don’t store wine well, oxidation can occur and alter its color, body and flavor.

When you maintain the right temperature and humidity, wine will showcase fresh fruity undertones after fermentation. On aging, the compounds in the wine will reduce or change in form and some will combine. Tannins, for instance, reduce to create a rounder and smoother finish, making the wine more pleasant to drink.

3. Maintain the Wine’s Colors

If you store the wine correctly, you reduce the rate of oxidation to maintain a desirable color. Red wine can develop brown undertones with increased oxidation, while white will change to amber shades. Rose wines will dull, making them look less appetizing.

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