3 Reasons to Control Your Home’s Humidity in Rio Rico, AZ

by | Aug 13, 2021 | HVAC Blog

If you live in Rio Rico, AZ, you might have experienced the hot summers that often increase humidity. When not maintained at the right levels, humidity can cause havoc on your property and lead to health complications. Here are reasons to control your home’s humidity.

1. Protect Electronics

Too much humidity can lead to condensation on the surfaces of electrical devices. Since electronics don’t like water, this puts them at risk of malfunctioning. Condensation causes short-circuiting and corrosion in electrical components, lowering their performance.

Regulating extreme humidity will not only protect your costly electronics from damage but also save you the replacement costs.

2. Keep Hardwood Floors and Furniture in Good Condition

You don’t want a simple moisture problem to damage your trendy and expensive hardwood floor or furniture. Hardwood furniture has few chances of surviving in a moist environment.

It’s normal for wood to absorb water in high humidity and lose it in low humidity. However, if the humidity level drops below the required levels, the wood floor and furniture shrink, resulting in cracks over time. A well-maintained HVAC system will keep your home’s humidity at normal levels, protecting your furniture and wood floor from damage.

3. Improve Your Health

Excessive humidity promotes the growth of allergens like bacteria, dust mites and spores. When these microorganisms get in contact with food, they can turn into a dangerous health problem.

Inhaling air affected by dust mites and spores can also cause asthma, coughing, and other respiratory conditions. Controlling the humidity in your home will protect you and your family from moisture-related health problems.

Besides protecting your furniture and electronics and keeping you in good health, regulating humidity makes indoor stays comfortable and lowers your energy bills. With air conditioning, you can protect your home from the effects of adverse humidity conditions. Contact our professionals at Oasis Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. today for quality and reliable AC repair and installation services.

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