Don’t Ignore the Signs of an Inefficient Air Conditioner in Rio Rico, AZ

by | Jun 15, 2021 | HVAC Blog

With spring in full swing and summer quickly approaching, your air conditioner plays an increasingly more important role in the overall comfort of your Rio Rico, AZ, home. Using your AC more generally leads to a slight increase in your monthly utility bills, but the increase shouldn’t be drastic. Here are signs to watch out for that indicate that your cooling system is inefficient.

Spikes in Utility Bills

The most obvious sign that your AC is no longer operating efficiently shows up in your utility bills. If you notice a significant spike in the cost of your monthly utility bills during the hottest part of the year, your AC is probably to blame. Monitor your bills and make sure that you’re not spending more than is necessary to keep your air conditioner running right.

Inadequate Cooling

When your AC wears out and becomes less efficient, you will also notice a decrease in the comfort in your home. When your AC can no longer keep your home at the temperature you set on the thermostat, it will run for longer periods of time to try to compensate. These extended periods of operation lead to an increase in utility bills that stem from an inefficient AC.

Frequent Breakdowns

If you find yourself having to call for air conditioner repairs more frequently, that is your system’s way of telling you that it simply can’t keep up anymore. More frequent breakdowns are almost always a sign of a system that can no longer operate at peak efficiency. Not only do these regular breakdowns cost you money and inconvenience you, but they can also contribute to your increased utility bills.

Our service technicians want to make sure that your home is both comfortable and efficient as the outdoor temperatures rise. Call Oasis Air Conditioning & Heating today to find out about our HVAC services.

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