3 Furnace Sounds that Should Alarm You in Green Valley, AZ

by | Feb 17, 2021 | HVAC Blog

While daily temps in Green Valley, AZ, are fairly pleasant, the nightly lows mean you need a functioning furnace. Your furnace will naturally make some sounds, but other noises indicate problems you need to address quickly. Here are some of the more concerning noises.

1. Humming

You may notice a humming from your furnace as it is trying to start. This may be quiet or quite loud. A quiet hum may indicate a problem with your draft inducer fan motor.

A louder hum may indicate a problem with your circulating fan motor or the capacitor controlling that motor. Both of these may prevent your furnace from running properly.

2. Scraping or Grinding

Scraping or grinding sounds should always be a cause of concern. Most usually, this scraping sound is usually caused by fan motor bearings needing lubrication. Improperly lubricated bearings will cause your fan motor to burn out prematurely.

3. Thumping

Your circulating fan is a wheel on a motor. Like the tires on your car, this wheel needs regular balancing. If your furnace is making a thumping sound like an unbalanced washing machine, your wheel needs balancing.

4. Rumbling

Your furnace may normally make a low rumbling sound as the furnace starts up. However, if this is loud or prolonged, it may indicate a problem with your burner. Burner problems are both a concern for furnace function in addition to safety.

How to Prevent These Noises

Every furnace needs regular maintenance to keep it running efficiently. During a furnace maintenance visit, a technician will lubricate your motor bearings and balance your circulating fan wheel. A technician will also check electrical components to ensure they are engaging properly.

These visits give you early notice when something isn’t working properly. Early warning allows you time to schedule a repair before it results in an emergency visit.

Dealing with noises early prevents more substantial repair bills down the road. If your furnace is making noise and you live near Green Valley, AZ, call Oasis Air Conditioning & Heating to schedule your furnace repair.

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