Don’t Be Fooled By R22 Scare Tactics

by | Apr 2, 2020 | HVAC Blog

We are seeing an alarming trend where legitimate contractors are using scare tactics directed at consumers in Tucson, Green Valley and Sahuarita. The problem? Consumers are being told they will not be able to recharge the R22 refrigerant in their older air conditioning units because it is either illegal or banned. The intent is to move you to replace your air conditioning equipment NOW.

Here are some facts you need to know before you consider replacing your older R22 refrigerant air conditioner.

Is R22 Refrigerant Illegal or Banned?

No. According to the Environmental Protection Agency: “In 2020, R-22 will no longer be produced or imported. After 2020, only recovered, recycled, or reclaimed supplies of R-22 will be available”.

Whatever your air conditioning salesperson may be telling you, or whatever you hear on TV or radio, R22 is not illegal or banned and neither has your HVAC equipment suddenly become illegal!

What Will Happen to The Price of R22?

Many speculate, that as supplies of R22 diminish, prices will go up until it is finally more economical to simply buy a new, more efficient unit. Remember, as the supplies of R22 diminish, so also will the numbers of old functional HVAC units which require R22. It’s all just panicky conjecture that prices will become astronomical.

At the end of 2019, R22 prices were actually a tiny bit lower than they were in 2018. There hasn’t been rise in price yet, and it’s possible it never will. It all depends on how much is available and how long older systems will continue to need the old refrigerant. Prices may eventually go up in future but don’t expect an immediate and massive R22 price increase in 2020 here in Tucson.

At Oasis Air Conditioning & Heating, we believe in being transparent as well as proactive. That’s why we’ve been talking to our customers about these changes for some time now, so you understand the facts and can plan accordingly.

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What are Your Options?
You have 3 choices:

1. Do Nothing.
When your system needs a repair that requires adding refrigerant because you can still get reclaimed R22 and fix a broken system. You can then evaluate if it is worth fixing or if it is time to replace. If your system is running well there is no need to replace it. Anyone who says you must replace now does not have your best interests in mind. If your system is running well, but has a slow refrigerant leak, don’t panic. Oasis can repair the leak and we have R22 for you.

2. Convert your older R22 equipment so that it can use another refrigerant.
This may not be realistic or economically smart in every case. You’ll need an expert inspection of your equipment to determine if it might work for you. A trustworthy expert probably won’t recommend spending the money to retrofit a system with a big significant refrigerant leak. No one should ever, under any circumstances, mix another refrigerant to a system that has any R22 refrigerant in it. Remember, use of any alternative refrigerants voids all manufacturer warranties.

3. Replace your system.
Plan ahead to replace your system. For homeowners and large commercial customers alike, replacement is a huge expense and inconvenience. Oasis can help direct you to great financing.

EPA Purchasing & Repairing AC

When Should You Consider Replacing Your System?

If your unit “dies” or becomes very expensive to keep repairing, we will recommend replacement. Oasis will evaluate your system and give you a free estimate, offer you any available manufacturer or energy rebates, and connect you to financing if needed.

If you have any questions about R22 refrigerant rumors at all, please just give Oasis a call at (520) 648-1755.

We’ll be happy to help, because at Oasis We’re Not Comfortable Until You’re Comfortable!


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