Beware of These 3 Surprising Sources of Volatile Organic Compounds

by | Jan 19, 2020 | HVAC Blog

Living in Green Valley, Arizona, means that air quality is one of the most important aspects of your home. Even with a system that helps regulate your air quality, some surprising sources of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, can be present throughout your home. Beware of these three surprising sources of VOCS, and discover what actions you can take to improve your indoor air quality.

Air Fresheners

Unfortunately, some air fresheners contain more than pleasant smells. You’ll find a harmful VOC called naphthalene in quite a few popular options. Instead of opting for air fresheners, you can install an air-purifying system. Not only will that help get rid of many odors, but it helps stop VOCs.

Cleaning Supplies

VOCs are also found in household cleaning supplies. While they can do wonders on surfaces, some only make the air quality worse. Many store-bought cleaners contain harsh chemicals like isoprene that can act as a VOC once they get into the air. Consider homemade cleaners, such as a classic vinegar and baking soda mix, for those tough spots. If you do have to use cleaning products, however, make sure you keep your HVAC system running to help circulate the air.


Much of the time, VOCs don’t enter your home as gases. They’re often vaporized after the fact, and many of these vaporized VOCs come from furniture. One of the most common is formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. To be safe, it’s beneficial to set up some green houseplants, as they’re able to absorb formaldehyde in the air.

If you’re looking to boost the air quality in your home, Oasis Air Conditioning & Heating is happy to help. Whether you need HVAC maintenance or a brand new HVAC system, we’ve got you covered. Check out our indoor air quality services today or give us a call at (520) 648-1755 to take the first step towards optimizing your home’s air.

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