What is a Trane TruComfort™ Variable-Speed “Comfort” System?

by | May 9, 2019 | HVAC Blog

The Trane TruComfort™ Variable-Speed “Comfort” System is the most comfortable and technologically advanced heating and cooling system available for residential installation.

What Does “Comfort” Mean to You?

Comfort means different things to different people. For instance, researchers describe “comfort” simply as a basic human need. But beyond survival, comfort is a satisfying feeling of being physically, mentally or emotionally free from stress. The meaning of comfort also depends on a person’s culture, values and experience. In short, comfort is what you’re used to as well as what you aspire to.

What is a Comfort System?

So, when it comes to your home in Green Valley — “Your Place of Comfort in the Desert” — does comfort mean a cool breeze on a hot day or the warmth of a crackling fire in winter? A comfort system sets you free, in relaxation and luxury, to think about and do other things. Maybe comfort means every room always feels just right, year-round, no matter what you are doing – like exercising or cooking?

Oasis Recommends Trane

Trane, the leader in residential variable-speed comfort technology, designed TruComfort™ to keep your home within a half of a degree of the thermostat set point. Variable-speed technology does this by continuously making minor temperature adjustments and circulating the air all day long. It responds intuitively to changing heating and cooling needs, quietly working only as hard as it has to. Built on a tradition of reliability and innovation, TruComfort™ is Trane’s quietest and “most precise comfort experience.” So, you get Trane’s torture-tested reliability and affordable comfort like you’ve never experienced before.

What’s the Difference Between a 2-Stage and a Variable Speed System?

The difference between the two is big energy savings. First, the TruComfort™ Variable-Speed System will heat and cool for up to 60% less. It saves energy by running from 25% to 100% of capacity depending on the demand while a 2-stage system runs at 70% to 100% no matter what the load. Variable-speed systems are built to run all the time and use less energy.

Temperature Remains Constant to Within Half of a Degree!

Secondly, the reason a variable-stage system runs continuously is to keep temperature constant. The TruComfort™ System always keeps the temperature within a half of a degree of the set-point. Because it is always running, a variable speed system eliminates hot and cold spots and uses less auxiliary backup power. It responds intuitively to changing heating and cooling needs, quietly working only as hard as it has to. Like a car, the TruComfort™ System is on cruise control, running efficiently all the time while avoiding the wear and tear of starting and stopping.

Less Noise, Wear and Tear Mean Longer Life!

In contrast, a 2-stage system waits for a temperature change of 2 to 4 degrees – which is just enough for you to feel uncomfortable about. Not only does it start and stop noisily several times an hour to regain set-point but the thermostat must also be set higher in winter and lower in summer just to feel comfortable. Moreover, no starting and stopping means less noise, less wear and tear and longer life!

More Comfort with Lower Humidity

Another advantage to owning a TruComfort™ Variable-Speed System is that it removes 10% to 15% more moisture from the air than a 2-stage system which can only remove moisture when cycled on. TruComfort™ owners find they are comfortable at more moderate settings year-round.

TruComfort™ is Quiet and Adaptable to Your Needs

Ultimately, comfort means more than just temperature and energy savings. For example, TruComfort™ Variable-Speed Systems are quiet — only 55dB (AC) to 54dB (heat pump) as compared to 60 to 75dB typical of most systems. Your HVAC professional can adjust the air-flow speed and static pressures to compensate for quirks in your existing ducting. In addition, if you ask your contractor to “zone” your home by adding automatic dampers to realize maximal savings and comfort.

In Green Valley and Sahuarita, Consider Adding an Air Quality Upgrade

Combine your TruComfort™ Variable-Speed System with a Trane “asthma and allergy certified” CleanEffects™ Air Purification System and your home will not only keep you comfortable but will also continuously remove dust and allergens for great air quality and better breathing!

Comfort is about satisfaction and at Oasis – We’re Not Comfortable Until You’re Comfortable!

Comfort Means Trane TruComfort™ Variable Speed Systems!

Download the Trane TruComfort™ Variable Speed System Brochure


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