3 Simple Ways to Heat Your Home in Rio Rico, Arizona

by | Nov 26, 2018 | HVAC Blog

Winters in Rio Rico, Arizona are typically cool and comfortable. There’s not much concern about freezing temperatures during the day, but it can get quite cold at night. Performing maintenance on your HVAC system before winter rolls around is an excellent way to make sure it’s going to heat your home with optimal efficiency. Weatherizing your home will minimize air leaks, which reduces wear and tear on the HVAC system and keeps your heating bills to a minimum.

Contact a Professional HVAC Contractor

One of the simplest ways to heat your home this winter is by making sure there are no air leaks. A professional HVAC specialist can assess your home for these leaks, particularly around doors and windows, and in the heating system’s ductwork. You can heat your home in the most inexpensive manner possible, but leaks will make your energy bills skyrocket.

Use a Fireplace

There’s nothing better than staying warm and cozy with a fireplace. Fireplaces are especially ideal in large rooms with high ceilings as they provide direct heat to that room and prevent cold spots. However, if you have a fireplace you’re not using, you’ll need to install a fireplace insert to keep heat from escaping through it. There are many attractive inserts to choose from, making it easy to pick one that complements the room’s existing decor and design.

Install Double-Paned Windows

Heating your home this winter becomes much more affordable when you install double-paned windows. The cost of purchasing and installing these windows can pay for itself thanks to the enhanced heating efficiency. Choose argon or krypton gas-filled double-paned windows to further reduce heating expenses. These windows are specially designed to reduce heat loss. Check the Department of Energy website to see which brands of double-paned windows are Energy Star approved. These are the ones you’ll want to invest in.

Want to learn more simple ways to heat your home this winter? Oasis Air Conditioning & Heating specializes in quality heating installation and repair. Contact us today by visiting our website or give us a call at (520) 648-1755.

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