4 Things You Should Know About Your HVAC Warranty

by | Sep 19, 2018 | HVAC Blog

4 Things You Should Know About Your HVAC Warranty

Homeowners and business managers in Green Valley, Arizona know that a written warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. The manufacturer’s warranty spells out the terms of product coverage by that manufacturer. Keep reading to discover four things you really ought to know about your HVAC warranty.

Duration of Coverage

Within a given HVAC warranty, the coverage on individual components may be for different lengths of time. Also, warranty duration may differ according to use. For example, coverage of systems in owner-occupied residences often is twice as long as coverage for systems installed in commercial buildings.

Units That Are Excluded from Coverage

Some manufacturing companies will not cover any unit ordered online. Others will not cover units installed by unauthorized contractors.

Requirements for Keeping Your Warranty in Force

Failure to register a warranty may make it void or shorten its duration. Some warranties specify that regular maintenance can be performed only by a licensed HVAC contractor. Often, replacement parts must be approved by the manufacturer, and receipts have to be retained.

Expenses That You Incur When Filing a Claim

Some manufacturers charge a fee for filing your claim. Other likely expenses include freight and costs for labor to install the new part.

HVAC Contractor Services in Green Valley, Arizona

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