3 Common Reasons Your Dryer Vent Keeps Getting Clogged

by | Jun 7, 2018 | HVAC Blog

Homeowners have a full plate when it comes to maintaining home appliances, and the ones we use to do laundry are no different. Dryers, in particular, require regular care in order to operate at a high level, which means keeping your dryer vent clean should be a top priority in your Green Valley home. A clean vent can help get your clothes dry on the first run, saving you both time and money.

Keeping your dryer’s vent unclogged won’t just save your wallet, though — it could also save your life. According to FEMA, 2,900 dryer-related fires are reported each year and cause an average of five deaths. Scheduling a dryer vent cleaning session prevents debris from backing up in your vents, but it’s also important to know what can cause a vent to become clogged in the first place.

Dirty Lint Trap

Your lint trap does exactly what it sounds like: it traps the lint that separates from your clothing during the drying process and keeps it from blowing into your exhaust vent. But what happens when the lint trap is full of dirt? Its effectiveness is reduced, and lint begins to line your exhaust pipes and vent. Cleaning your lint trap after every drying cycle will reduce buildup in these areas.

Objects Stuck in the Lint Trap

Your lint trap isn’t only capturing lint — it’s also pretty good at catching other objects, such as coins you had in your pockets. Unfortunately, a buildup of these items in the lint trap increases the odds that lint won’t be caught, and that lint will flow into your dryer’s exhaust system and become trapped. After drying your clothes, always check the lint trap for any other items it may contain.

Vent Flap Isn’t Opening

The vent flap, located outdoors, keeps outside objects from entering your dryer exhaust pipe. But these flaps can malfunction and remain closed when they should be allowing air and debris from the dryer vent to escape. Lint can already make its way into your dryer’s ventilation system, but an always-closed vent flap can exacerbate the issue and cause buildup to happen more quickly. A routine check of the flap while your dryer is running is recommended.

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